Happy Valentine's Day~


My dear friends!
Желаю Вам много счастья и прекрасных моментов в любви с вашими самыми дорогими и любимыми! Проведите этот день именно с ними!
Удивите своих близких маленькими приятными подарками, сделанными от души. Докажите им в этот день, как они Вам дороги!
Hope to get a lot of chocolate today (笑)

Your 山Pi

@музыка: 中島美嘉 - 火の鳥

@настроение: happy, ne?

@темы: Shukusaijitsu

2008-02-14 в 17:38 

山Pi omedetou! :white:
Поздравляю тебя с дн. Св. Валентина!!!
Пусть у тебя будет море позитива и столько же любви!:heart:

2008-02-15 в 12:00 

anyang ha se yooo...
hye Mr Yamashita Tomohisa...!! (sorry, dont know how to call you in a polite manner)
and yeah..sorry for writing in english..
i seriously do not know anything about japanese language...
i am malaysian..
actually, it is super hard to post a comment seems EVERYTHING here is in japanese! :(
just wanna wish you Happy Valentine Day (though, it is late one day..)
hope you are doing well..
good luck in everything you do!
ganbate ne...!!
i will always support you~

2008-02-16 в 03:19 

Arigatou, Makino~chan~
Надеюсь, ты хорошо провела День Святого Валентина!
Читал, что ты на днях смотрела „Last Quarter“.
Я этот фильм смотрел на прошлом Дне Святого Валентина!(笑)

Annyoung Hasey0!~
I'm really surprised about this message from you~
Didn't know, some people would write here from other countrys, like Malasyiya~
I'm really surprised~ (笑)
How did u find my 日記?
Actually, this is the russian website and more as a half of stuff is written in russian, only some japanese..not so much~
Really thank you for your wishes~
Arigatou (笑)
Even if it's late too, i wish you Happy Valentines too~ ( even i don't know, who you are ^ ^" )
Just wonder, why do you support me and wish me something?
How to come? (笑)

Yorroshiku onegaishimasuuu~

2008-02-17 в 16:08 

Annyoung Haseyoo again yamashita-kun ( or is it yamashita-chan? )
Huhu..are you really that surprised..?

Actually I accidentally found your diary (or is it a blog? or journal?huhu..i guess it is still the same..sorry, I am quite weak in English )when I was searching site to watch Kurosagi with English subtitles.

At first, I watched nobuta wo produce..
I like the part when you said ‘akira shock’
It is a good drama about friendship…

Then, I watched Proposal Daisakusen
I am a bit shocked that you also acted in it too..!
It is also a good and such an unique drama
I like the part ‘Hallelujah Chance’

Later, I watched Kurosagi…
It is such an interesting drama..
I am surprised that there are many type of swindler in this world..
you really have many image in it..
and you acted very well in this drama
you look very cool when you do that ‘bang’ 

I was shocked again when I knew that you sang Daite Senorita in Kurosagi..
You could sing..!!
You are really a talented artist

2008-02-17 в 16:10 

and yet, i'm informed that you are also in a group band..NewS..!!
another sugoii...
and i am suprised again when i saw Massu is in your band too..!!
it is because Dance Drill ( which is the drama that Massu acted in )is the first japanese drama i watched long time ago..!
and i started to watched japanese drama since that...
i like listen to NewS songs..
they are super wonderful to hear.. (even i dont understand most of the the lyrics )
you guys really have great voice..!

thank you for wishing me for Valentine Day too...(it is pretty amazing when someone in japan wish me that..huhu! arigatou...!)
why am i support you and wishing something like that?i wonder that too..haha..!!
maybe because i dont have elder brother or sister and i want to wish someone elder than me like that...
and..it is actually in russian? sukka... i though it is japanese website..
i wish i could post my photo here too..like makino-chan(isn't that the character in Hana Yori Dango?)
but i don't know how! ;(
and lastly, my name is arbaeyah...
have a nice and wonderful day yamapi-chan!

p/s: i am truly sorry for writing such a long comment here..